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"state-of-the-art direct-to-tower SFN distribution platform"

use cases with significant satellite bandwidth savings:


    platform enables parallel DTT & DTH by single transmission
    inexpensive entry of satellite DTH operators into terrestrial Digital TV networks
    DVB-T2 (MI) & ISDB-BTS:

    • DTT - direct to TV transmitters
    • DTH - satellite home users
      what presents entire satellite capacity savings for DTH service
    • generates SFN adapted TV signal from DTH broadcasting at TV transmitters


    enables "insertion of regional advertisements into national TV" at TV tower
    enables single transmission for national TV channel with multiple regional advertisements, efficient insertion of regional advertisements into national TVs


    platform enables single transmission of national TVs present in multiple regional broadcasts.

OPTIMUX is subject of following patents:

US patent US8.160.088 B2

South African patent 2009/07114

Australian patent 2008225227


  • direct to tower transport stream distribution via satellite
  • Digital TV SFN, MFN networks
  • DVB-T, DVB-T2, ISDB-T, ATSC networks
  • mobile TV networks

Key features:

  • centralized architecture - transport stream generation at head-end
  • deterministic TS reconstruction "remultiplexing"
  • network adapter architecture
  • SFN adapter single clock per SFN cell at the head-end, before distribution network